Check out this gallery of album options to help you make your selections for your album cover. If you get stuck or not sure which options are the best for you, please contact me and we can arrange a meeting or phone call to walk you through the process.

When you're ready, scroll down to the form below. Choose from a leather or linen cover, add debossing and/or cameo cut outs and hit the SUBMIT button at the end. Have fun!

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Endsheets *
Endsheets are the linen pages at the front and end of your book. Choose black or white.
Please select one from the following linen and leather options.
Debossing is when text is imprinted onto your album cover, creating a depressed effect. If you'd like to compare debossing font sizes, send me an email and I'll provide you some images for comparison.
Would you like to add debossing to your album? *
Debossing Style
Blind debossing is the default debossing style for all cover materials. When covers are blind debossed, it means that no color or foil is added to the stamp. However, some of the Luxe Leathers show a slightly darker tone in areas that are debossed (primarily seen on Latte, Chai & Camel – sometimes noticeable on Vino, Alpine & Fog). Foil debossing is available exclusively for the Luxe Linen covers. This is the application of metallic foil onto the album's surface. Color options include gold, silver, and rose gold. A few leather and linen materials do not blind deboss well. We don't recommend blind debossing the leather options Coffee Bean, Pinecone, Maple or Crema. The fabrics we don't recommend are Midnight Black or Almond. For these materials we recommend instead getting a cameo or choosing a foil debossing. Please select a debossing style:
Type eXaCtLy what you want us to deboss. Please note: certain characters are not possible to deboss, we will notify you of any issues.
We allow a maximum of 2 lines. The 2nd line is optional, not required.
A cameo cut-out allows for your favorite image to be placed within the cover of your album. If you'd like to combine debossing with a cameo, contact me and I'll provide a mock-up so you can preview what it would look like.
Would you like to add a cameo to your album cover?
Actual cameo size is relative based on the physical size of the album. (ie. a cameo for an 10"x10" album will be a little smaller than the same option for a 12"x12")
Please type the file name of the photo or photos you would like to use in the cameo. Refer to the image file names used in your online gallery. If selecting a cameo with two images, please indicate which image you want to appear on the left or right/top or bottom.
I agree that once this album is submitted, I have 60 minutes to make any changes. After 60 minutes, it is highly possible the album has been already been ordered and begun production. After production has begun, this order cannot be changed.