The Right Miami Wedding Photographers

Whether you live in the area or are planning a destination wedding long distance, one of the most important decisions that is on your list of choices to make is which Miami wedding photographers to choose. My husband Jared and I are here to make that decision easier for you. We’ve been working together as a wedding photographer team for several years and have built a reputation as photographers you can count on.

Communicating Nonverbally

One of our strengths as a team is our nonverbal communication. We have developed a rhythm of working together that helps us know what the other is thinking. We both view photography as an art, not just a career, and we love a good challenge. Miami weddings can be extremely different, and we have experience photographing everything from spectacular weddings in hotels and event centers, small vintage weddings, and breathtaking beach weddings. Because we communicate well when working together, we can rise to any artistic challenge and create the perfect photos for your unique wedding, in any setting.

Staying Inconspicuous

A big deal breaker is when photographers are distracting from the wedding itself with loud shutter clicks right in the middle of poignant moments, with getting in the way of the ceremony, and with being obtrusive during the reception. Something we focus on is being inconspicuous and remaining in the background. This is one of the most beautiful and special days of your life and we are not going to detract from it in any way.

Capturing It All

Just as each couple we meet has their own individual story and personalities, each wedding has a style of its own. The wide variety of experiences we’ve had as Miami wedding photographers has taught us to capture all the hundreds of amazing moments and details that make your wedding unique. We love a good candid shot that expresses someone’s reaction to a special moment. And we also enjoy creating beautiful portraits of the bride and groom and family photos. One guarantee you have when working with us is that we will create photography that commemorates everything about your wedding that you never want to forget.