A Wide Variety of Fort Lauderdale Weddings

After several years of working together photographing Fort Lauderdale Weddings, I know Jared and I haven’t exactly seen it all, but we have seen a lot of amazing ideas come to life. We have been to beach weddings that felt like they were held in paradise. We have had fun at quirky, artistic weddings at vintage schoolhouses and chapels. We have enjoyed luxurious, beautiful weddings at fancy hotels and event venues. The Fort Lauderdale area offers such a wide range of options that nearly anything is possible.

We Are Ready for Anything

Be creative; plan a wedding that is unique and unforgettable. We promise we are ready to photograph in any setting. I’ve been in love with photography ever since I was a teenager and my husband Jared and I view wedding photography as an art. And in order to continue becoming better and better artists, we love a good challenge. For instance, one wedding we photographed was at night and there was no natural lighting. It was such a fantastic experience to find ways to create beautiful photos that perfectly captured that unique setting.

We Believe in Quality

Because photography is an art as much as it is a career, one thing we are dedicated to is quality. If you take a look at our portfolio of photos, you can see the quality of the images for yourself. Jared and I treasure our own wedding photos. They are a way to relive all the best moments of our wedding and all the wonderful emotions that went along with it. We realize how important creating the perfect wedding photos are, and we want to give you that gift of photography that we love so much.

You Don’t Have To Wait

The icing on the cake is that we also provide quick turnaround. After the months of planning pay off and you have the time of your life on your wedding day and honeymoon, who wants to wait to see the photos? That’s why we make them available within just a couple weeks of your wedding.