Choosing the Right Photographer

It’s a tough decision. Choosing the perfect engagement and wedding photographer is an important decision, because once the wedding day is over, these photos are what you will have to remember it by. You can open up the photo album years, decades, down the road and relive the exciting memory. That’s why, as fun as it is, I take my work as a wedding photographer very seriously. So let me help you with your search for the right photographer and introduce myself, and my husband Jared.

A Bit About Us

Ideally, I’d love to talk to you and I’m always excited to get an email or call from someone who’s searching for a wedding photographer. My clients keep me on my toes, always running about from wedding to wedding, but it’s a great experience, and I’ve definitely found my calling. Ever since my dad gave me a film camera when I was thirteen and I started taking pictures, I’ve been fascinated by photography.

Over the years, I’ve kept learning more and more. And meeting, falling in love, and marrying my husband Jared and becoming a dynamic duo of wedding photographers has made the job all the more exciting. We’ve discovered that we really enjoy working together. Also, photographing as a team gives us the opportunity to be present for every aspect of the wedding. For instance, while I take pictures of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready before the ceremony, Jared goes and hangs out with the groom and groomsmen so nobody is left out.

Our Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photography

When it comes to the photos we take, I encourage you to take a look at our portfolio. That way you don’t have to just take my word for it when I say that Jared and I have a passion for high quality, unique photography with flair and personality. You can see it for yourself.

Yet, every wedding is different. We don’t have a generic list of photos and poses for engagement portraits and such. Each new couple we meet influences us with their individual style and we enjoy the challenge of creating photography that is perfect for them. No matter what type of wedding you are planning, we look forward to discovering all its charming details and capturing everything about it, and about you, that is wonderful and memorable.