The Perfect Prologue

As wedding photographers, we are going to be running around, trying to be everywhere at once to capture every wonderful moment and detail of your wedding day. The focus is on you and the commitment you are making to each other, but wedding days are busy and full of a thousand things you will want photographed so you can remember them forever. Let’s take some time, then, before the wedding to create a beautiful prologue to your wedding album that focuses exclusively on you as a couple.

A Chance To Have Fun

Engagement photos are your opportunity to celebrate your relationship, your past, your present, and the future you are setting out on together. And engagement photo shoots are a time where you can escape for a while from the busyness of working and wedding planning and just kick back and relax. Enjoy your time together. Unabashedly celebrate being in love. My husband Jared and I love taking engagement photos because it is always a fun experience and a great chance to get to know you. That way at your wedding, we won’t just be strangers pointing cameras at you. We will be familiar faces celebrating your special day with you.

Planning the Engagement Photo Shoot

As Fort Lauderdale engagement photographers, Jared and I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing couples. And many of them travel from all over the country to have their wedding on a sunny Florida beach or in one of the many fantastic locations in the area. So we are used to communicating with couples long distance, and to traveling all over the area as well.

You name the place and the time and we will be there. You don’t have to skip engagement photos just because you are planning a destination wedding in Fort Lauderdale. We can even do a special portrait session of you two right before the wedding. We like being flexible and able to work with your schedule because it helps make your entire wedding planning process a lot easier.