A Team of Fort Lauderdale Photographers

It’s a great experience, getting to make a career out of what you love alongside the person you love. My husband Jared and I have been working as Fort Lauderdale engagement and wedding photographers for several years now, and the best aspect of our job is meeting so many awesome couples. Every couple has a unique story and personality and it is always exciting to capture that in our photography.

Fun on Photo Shoots

One of the things we have learned working as couples photographers is that photo shoots are a lot of fun. In the middle of all the busyness and stress of planning a wedding, engagement shoots are a chance to kick back and relax and just enjoy being with the one you love. It is also a chance for us to get to know you. That way we are not just strangers with cameras at the wedding. We’re familiar faces. Making photo shoots an enjoyable experience for everyone involved is something we focus on.

No Stress During the Wedding Day

Because Jared and I work as a team, we can capture all the important moments of your wedding. While I take the bridal portraits and photograph the bride getting ready, Jared hangs out with the groom and the groomsmen. Over the years, Jared and I have developed a system and learned how to communicate well nonverbally and work together in a way that makes us thorough, yet inconspicuous during your wedding day. There’s nothing worse than a loud shutter click or obtrusive photographer in the middle of a profound moment during your wedding. One of the guarantees we make for our clients is that we remain in the background, and we don’t add any stress to your wedding.

Unique Photography

Another awesome part of being a Fort Lauderdale couples photographer is all the many thoughts and emotions that are expressed at a wedding. It is such a beautiful day for you and your loved one and the joy and anticipation and love that radiates from everyone’s expressions is so rewarding to capture in photos. If you take a look through our portfolio, you’ll see that we love bright and beautiful photos that are uniquely tailored to each couple we meet. Photography is an art as much as it is a business and creating photos that express everything that made your wedding special is our artistic style.