Isn’t She Lovely?

You’ve searched for the dress of your dreams, you’ve had fun getting ready with your bridesmaids, and now all of the excitement and anticipation of the day is making you so beautiful people catch their breath when they see you and start thinking of that Stevie Wonder song that seems to have been written for you. On your wedding day, you get to be the breathtaking bride you’ve always wanted to be and it’s important to capture all the thoughts and feelings you experience on this special day in photos, so you can look back on it later and relive the experience.

Your Bridal Portraits

Having been a bride myself, I love working as a photographer for Fort Lauderdale bridal portraits and weddings because it is wonderful to be part of so many different weddings and meet so many fantastic people. If you look through my portfolio, you will see that I love colorful and unique photos. I try to capture everything about your personality and your feelings on your wedding day, as well as everyone’s reactions when they see the gorgeous bride.

Focusing Without Distraction

We all know how busy and, at times, how hectic wedding days can be. That’s why I work with my husband, Jared. Not only do we enjoy working together and sharing the experience of being wedding photographers, but it also opens up a lot of opportunities for us. We can be in two places at once and it allows us to cover every aspect of your wedding day thoroughly. While he hangs out with the groom and groomsmen, I can be there with you and your bridesmaids, giving you my undivided attention.

Express Yourself

Although putting on your lovely dress and getting ready for your wedding is of course exciting and wonderful, I can’t deny that there is always, no matter how ready you are, a certain element of nerves. It’s a big day and you probably haven’t slept well for the past few nights, you’ve been so busy and excited. One thing you can rely on when working with me is that I can understand. I’ve been there and I’ve experience what it’s like, the beautiful amazing moments of a wedding, and all the stressful ones as well. So when we are taking your bridal portraits, you can relax and just have fun with your bridesmaids.