Choosing the Fort Lauderdale Beach Photographer for Your Wedding

What better place could you choose than Fort Lauderdale for a gorgeous beach wedding? Having worked as photographers in the area for years, my husband Jared and I have been to more weddings than we can count, and each one is different. From hotels to schoolhouses to parks, we’ve done engagement photo shoots and wedding photography in a variety of venues. But the dreamy beach wedding is one of our favorites.

Flexibility and Spontaneity

When you are choosing the right Fort Lauderdale beach photographer for your wedding, there are several things that are important to keep in mind and flexibility is one of them. Even in the sunny paradise of Fort Lauderdale, whenever you plan an outdoor wedding, you are always a little at the mercy of nature. Choosing a photographer that will go with the flow and spontaneously work with changes in plans is something that is essential. Jared and I certainly have experience in photographing in challenging settings. For instance, we once photographed an amazing wedding that was at night, where there was no natural lighting to be had. That was an artistic challenge, but it was a fun one and the results were beautiful.

Artistic Quality

When the beach wedding you have been envisioning this whole time suddenly becomes reality, you will have your breath taken away. Every beach wedding is unique and absolutely stunning. With so much natural beauty in the setting, you will want to find a photographer with great equipment and a dedication to the highest quality of photography so they can capture all the beauty of your beach wedding.

Unobtrusive Photographing

Finally, another thing to evaluate is the way the photographer works. There is nothing more distracting at a wedding than a conspicuous photographer who is always getting in the way. That is why Jared and I have developed a method of working together that relies a lot on great nonverbal communication and is very unobtrusive. We prefer to remain in the background and catch all those wonderful candid shots and capture all the unforgettable moments of the wedding without intruding on them.

Experience as Fort Lauderdale beach photographers has taught us to be flexible and to have fun photographing every different wedding, because each is a unique and wonderful new experience. So check something off your list of decisions to make and contact us. We look forward to meeting you and to start working together!